Be faithful with the few, and trust Him with the rest.

Today I step forward from behind the doors of what everyone can see and I share in vulnerability a few thoughts from the journey. The thing I love about us sharing in transparency with one another, the hard things, and the truths we learn from them, is that we realize we are not alone. God uses our weakness and shows himself strong. He really does.

I love the parable of the talents- you can read it in Matthew 25:14-30. I recommend you take a moment and read it! It’s amazing. 

In this parable Jesus tells us about three men. Each is giving a number of talents from his master- one 5 talents, another 2 talents, and the third man received one. (By the way, a talent was equivalent to 20 years worth of wages. Wow! Imagine being the guy with 5 of those!) The scripture says the master entrusted his servants with these talents. After some time, the master came back to find the first two men had doubled their wealth- used their talents, and had been good stewards to produce a return. The man with one talent, he was afraid. He hid his talent, and did not produce any return.


Those words jumped out of the page at me- “I was afraid.”

I can relate to that. Fear comes knocking at the door of my heart, and floods my emotions and tries to rob me of the peace I have in trusting my father God. I feel so frustrated as it seems shake the faith I build my life upon. What was this man afraid of? I wonder, was he was afraid to loose the little he had? Was he afraid of failure? Was he ashamed of his small portion? Did he despise the gift?


God has give us each a portion. Let this verse wash over you:

The Lord is my chosen portion and my cup;

    you hold my lot.

The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places;

    indeed, I have a beautiful inheritance.”

                        -Psalm 16:5-6


I have had moments lately where I have felt afraid. I have felt afraid that I have not accomplished enough. Sometimes I am exhausted and fear I won’t have the strength to do the things before me. Sometimes I fear failure. Often, I fear disappointment.

Let’s be real- it is so easy to compare our portion, our lot, our talents with those around us. Did the man with one wish he had five? My prayer as I have meditated on this is that I would REJOICE in my portion and trust that the master has given me just what I need. I long to trust the master and all he has given and every plan he has for me.

 I love that the master says to the man with two talents,  

“You have been faithful with a little; I will set you over much.”


Lord, help me in these days to be faithful with what you have given me- the tasks before me, the gifts, the resources, the strength emotionally and physically, the time, the finances, the endurance- 

Help me be faithful with the few, and trust you with the rest.


The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and he helps me. My heart leaps for joy, and with my song I praise him.

                        -Psalm 28:7