A Blog From Brooklyn

There is something about New York City. When we hit the place where the city skyline fills the horizon I am always filled with such excitement. I also put Bruce Springsteen's “The Rising” on loudly in my headphones- my sound track to our drive into the city.

This city makes me think. This city is strong, diverse, unique and I think is possibly the most representative city of our nation and culture. My heart is filled with so many feelings and thoughts about our nation and our culture. I think some new songs might be brewing...

This is the first time I have stayed in Brooklyn, and for that matter the first time I have stayed in a Hostel! Driving down these streets was a feast for the eyes and the soul. There were families of all colors and races filling the streets, sitting on benches, kids playing on sidewalks, families just getting out of the Synagogs because tonight is the start of the Sabbath in this largely Jewish neighborhood. We found our lodging and soon discovered that staying in a Hostel in a Jewish neighborhood on the evening of the Sabbath means that NOTHING will be open to eat! Nothing at all! God heard our prayers and our hungry, growling stomaches because two nice men gave us two slices of pizza they had left over from an amazing pizza place that had just closed. It was the best New York Pizza I have had to date. Maybe I was just very hungry. We find ourselves in an incredible city, a melting pot of a neighborhood, in a Hostel with mostly European people but also a fun couple from Delaware, and of course we play music in the common room.

This city reminds me tonight that we are, in Christ, lights shining among a sea of strangers.

We carry a treasure that is of incredible worth and beauty. We know the love of God, a balm to a hurting world. We know a way that makes the lost ones found. I see the many souls I pass by car, while walking, in the living and being of this life, and my heart longs for them to know God. So many of them do not know God. I want them to know my God! My incredible God who is an anchor to my soul that is so easily carried away by waves of life. My God who is my song to sing on the journey. He is my hope beyond the horizon of this life. He is my friend. He is my father. He is real. He is calling to the lost ones, come.

He made us for something great.

He made us to be his hands and feet. He has called us to be a light unto the world.

Just let that sink in.

I am...  And it's blowing my mind!

This is a simple blog post, but from my heart tonight I am seeing the harvest is ripe. People are all around us in the realm of our existence and they are loved by God. And WE, the people of God, get to tell them that....

Let us tell them.

And if you are like me and all the world is a broadway musical, then let us sing about it to them!

Blessings from Brooklyn.

Excited for tomorrow, Sarah and Michael